The Teak Experience


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I enjoy sprucing up interior spaces and I love my home. Integrating these two aspects is no easy feat yet custom-made Teak products from Equatoria Teak Products (ETP) have made it a remarkable journey for me.

If you’re wondering how or where to source unique pieces for your home at an affordable price, you might want to keep reading as I let you in on my Teak experience.

Upon my first encounter with a finished piece of furniture made from Teak at a friend’s home, I was taken aback by its visual appeal and uniqueness. Immediately after, I made my acquaintance with the ETP team. Straight of the bat, I was not only impressed by the quality of Teak wood the company uses but also their knowledge of the product and, talented craftsmanship. However, I was sceptical. Could such a well-established company care to make home furniture?

Teak wood has transformed my space without breaking my bank. I have extremely unique, durable and, attractive furniture pieces which elevate the style in my home. Here is four reasons why I highly recommend Teak products from ETP for all your wooden home needs.


1. Quality
ETP Teak wood is one of the hardest, strongest, and most durable of all timbers. Additionally, it requires extremely little maintenance, these characteristics combine to make Teak ideal for all domestic furniture pieces. Investing in furniture for your home is/should be a lifelong experience. You want to be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren quality pieces as they move in to their first apartment. That is the gift that ETP Teak wood has given me; from the home bar, to the centre table, to the eccentric armchairs; all these pieces will remain sturdy for decades to come!

Entryway Console
Entryway Console


2. Appeal
My initial attraction to Teak wood is its beauty as a finished product (it will probably catch your eye too). There is no fancy way to put it. Finished Teak wood pieces are stunning, they are simply beautiful to look at. I assure you that they will give your home that unique and stylish edge over others. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Teak Armchairs


3. Design execution

Do you enjoy interior/exterior design? Do you often find inspiration from the online community? Then you probably understand the frustration of having a piece of furniture delivered and it looks nothing like what you envisioned! Well, you’ve come to the right place because ETP is cut from a different cloth. Not only do they provide high quality Teak wood, they have expert designers and craftsmen who will truly bring your vision to life. Being able to trust that any unique and eccentric order I place will be professionally executed has elevated my home experience. How stunning is this entryway console crafted from Teak wood!

Entryway Console
Entryway Console


4. Environmental responsibility

Acquiring wooden pieces of furniture can often feel like a guilty pleasure or a necessary evil. What do you do when you care for trees and still love good quality wood furniture? Well sourcing all my Teak wood home furniture pieces from ETP has put my mind at ease. The company is passionate about the sustainability of forest lands in the region and has developed South Sudan’s most advanced nursery and replanting scheme. Through the parent company, dedicated forest workers work passionately to preserve our environment by planting trees, managing road maintenance and preserving wildlife habitats.

Needless to say, my Teak wood experience continues to be a delightful experience!



By Joan Kamau



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