10 reasons why teak is ‘gold’


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Did you know that Teak wood is the ‘gold’ among hardwoods? Here are 10 interesting facts why:

  1. Teak is normally golden or medium brown and tends to darken over time. So if you are looking for a dark natural look for your outdoor furniture, then older teak wood is best for you.
  2. It is oil based, making it resistant to termites and other pests that can destroy wood.
  3. Teak is remarkably water resistant making it the preferred wood for boat building and decking, flooring, exterior construction and more.
  4. The high content of oil gives teak the highest decay resistance among all natural wood products so it can withstand harsh climate conditions.
  5. Teak is the strongest wood among the hardwood.
  6. It can last for many long years, even over 100 years, is best for antique furniture pieces. So if you are looking to create a masterpiece that your great, great grand children can enjoy, then teak is the best option.
  7. For artisans and carpenters, teak is a fantastic wood to work with for any furniture, especially antiques as it can easily be hand carved and sawn.
  8. It is the most expensive and most durable wood compared to mahogany and mvule, which are considered to be very strong hard woods.
  9. Teak works very well with iron and other metals since it does not produce moisture that corrodes them making it perfect for interior decor.
  10. We, at ETP supply the best quality teak in Kenya and across the world for residential or commercial property.

See what we mean when we say that teak is the ‘gold’ among the hardwoods? Just like gold, teak is so valuable for its aesthetic, strength, durability and much more. Don’t you agree?



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