Equatoria Teak Products is Kenya's leading supplier of sustainable hardwood

Teak Hardwood products in Kenya

Equatoria Teak Products in Kenya

At Equatoria Teak Products (ETP), we work to provide high quality teak wood supplies at best prices to match your style. All our products are created from highly dense and grained timber of a teak tree. Check our latest blog post to learn the advantages of a teak wood over oak and mahogany wood.

We offer a wide range of hardwood goods such as outdoor and patio furniture, wood planks, wooden windows, doors and many more. The list of our products and services includes flooring, composite decking and interior as well as exterior wood wall cladding. ETP is in the constant search of sustainable and eco-friendly methods of manufacturing. Our reliable partner company Equatoria Teak Company is our supplier of teak wood and is one of the leading organizations focused on preserving environment by seedling trees and conserving wildlife habitats. We respect, cherish and invest into producing environmentally-friendly teak wood goods that meet international standards of quality.

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